Aussie of the Month

Aussie of the Month is a primary school recognition program which has been in operation for over twenty years. The program recognises personal endeavour, achievement and contribution to the community and reflects some of the values we share as Australians, such as a fair go, mateship, respect and inclusion. 

Aussie of the Month is delivered by the same network that presents the Australian of the Year Awards nationally. The Australian of the Year Awards profile leading citizens who are role models for us all, who inspire us through their achievements and active citizenship, and challenge us to make our own contribution to creating a better Australia. 

Aussie of the Month reflects similar values, and aims to encourage an appreciation of the diversity and depth of personal contribution and achievement possible within your school, and bring about increased concern and consideration for all members of the school community.

The Aussie of the Month program also provides the opportunity for school communities to affirm their loyalty and commitment to Australia, its people and our values by including The Australian Affirmation at the Aussie of the Month assembly. 

This unique awards program saw the good work of over 1,000 Tasmanian students recognised during 2016. A FREE program for all Tasmanian schools, here’s what some of this year’s participants had to say…

aussie of the month logo“Aussie of the Month acknowledges our young citizens for their community spirit. It motivates other students to achieve their own goals and contribute to the school community.” Windermere Primary School 

“This program enables us to recognise students of all ages, who always try to do the right thing, are a good friend to others and are respectful to all. They ‘have a go’ and are not necessarily the smartest or the best athlete but consistently do their best.” Evandale Primary School 

“At a formal assembly every month we recognise the positive role models in our school. Students just love the badges.” Sprent Primary School


The Program also allows teachers to engage in classroom discussions about the values and what it means to be a good Australian citizen – be that in the school ground, the local community or the whole nation. 

Registrations can be submitted at any time for the 2017 program, however registering before the start of the next school year ensures you have a complete years supply of materials. To register simply visit and register online, or alternatively email


Aussie of the Month is an initiative of the Australia Day Council Western Australia (ADCWA).