We encourage everyone across the state to celebrate Australia Day on 26 January.

Tasmania's Australia Day Program is delivered by the Department of Premier and Cabinet. We work with local government to promote Australia Day and expand Australia Day celebrations throughout the community. 

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Countdown to Australia Day


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The grant program offers local councils seed funding to grow a great idea in its first year.

Citizenship Ceremonies

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Each year on Australia Day, more than 16,000 people choose to become an Australian citizen

Australia Day Awards

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On Australia Day, local councils across Tasmania recognise the exceptional contribution of their community members.

Our Ambassadors

In the lead up to Australia Day 2018 we will be featuring our Tasmanian Ambassadors. To find out more about our Ambassador Program, click here.

Dr Christina Henri

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Christina Henri is the 2014 Tasmanian Senior Australian of the Year and an Honorary Artist. Click here to find out where Christina will be heading on 26 January 2018.

Andrew Hughes 

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Andrew Hughes is an adventure teacher. Click here to find out more about Andrew and where he will be headed on 26 January 2018.

Rebecca Cuthill

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Rebecca Cuthill is a fundraiser for Save the Tasmanian Devil and a International Humanitarian Law advocate. Click here to find out more about Rebecca and where she will be headed on 26 January 2018.